Laugh & Learn – LIVE! Featuring KevOnStage & Dr. Shannon Chavez

August 25, 2018 • 7:00 pm
Doors Open: 6:00 pm • Ticket Price: $15.00 / $25.00 / $35.00 / $50.00 / 4 Pack ($10 / $20 / $30 / $37.50 )

Join today’s top experts in sexual health, relationships, and fashion, plus a roster of the hottest rising comedic talent as we Laugh & Learn-LIVE! at the Fox Theater! A night of entertainment, education, and self-betterment, complete with celebrity meet & greets, photo ops, crowd participation, and free sponsor giveaways all night long! Bring a friend, partner, or anyone who would love to hear from our expert panel-live and on stage-ONE NIGHT ONLY!



Kevin is an ENTERTAINER!
He is an actor, comedian, director, filmmaker, content creator and influencer.
He does it all!

Kevin was born in El Paso, Texas in his grandmother’s bed – true story. His comedic genius was derived from growing up in the Fredericks household where you had to be funny to stay in the living room with the grown folks. His infectious personality was honed by traveling the U.S. in a military family, learning to make friends quickly.

Together with his brother and best friend, he is 1/3 of “The Playmakers”, an entertainment company poised to entertain the masses. Stay tuned, you will soon see him on the movie screen and on television, but right now he’s dominating social media.

Dr. Shannon Chavez

Dr. Shannon Chavez is a nationally recognized expert, therapist, and educator specializing in “all things sexuality” including help for men, women, and couples; the treatment of sexual disorders; sex education for conservative religious and cultural groups; sexual trauma and abuse; and compulsive behaviors surrounding love, romance, and sex.
She is a licensed clinical psychologist in California (#26924) and Arizona (#4290) and has a private practice in Los Angeles, California where she works with individuals and couples (both heterosexual and same-sex) to address sexual concerns and build sexual awareness through therapy, coaching, and education.
Learn about her approach to sex therapy here.
Dr. Chavez is also a national speaker on women’s sexual health and has been featured on major news, radio, and television programs as a sex and relationship expert. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Prevention, Women’s Health, Latino Perspectives, and Self Magazine; and is a frequent contributor to the websites,, and
She also wrote a guide for clinicians on the treatment of love addiction through the use of attachment-oriented psychodynamic therapy – proving she has actually “written the book on it”!
Dr. Chavez works with various organizations and programs as a presenter, spokesperson, media commentator, and consultant in sexual health and wellness, relationships, and mental health.

Stephanie Tejada

Stephanie Tejada is an actress and comedian best known for her appearance on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club Season 16.

Jessica Canizales

Jessica Canizales is a Brazilian-American model and also the prize winner of Miss Miami Beach in 2006, Miss Grand Prix in 2005, and Miss September 2003 Hawaiian topic.

Carter Deleón

Carter Deleón is a Luxury Lifestyle Specialist and a GQ Insider based out of Los Angeles, California.
As a Luxury Lifestyle Specialist, Carter specializes in men’s aesthetics, ranging from fashion to travel and lifestyle essentials.
Known for his “GQ style” Carter is an influencer of style, speech, decorum, confidence, motivation and work life balance.
Carter Deleón has expanded into more than just a brand as he tackles coordinating and hosting upscale celebrity events.

Chris Flail

Chris Flail has performed in cities across the country and opened for the nation’s top comedians, including Dave Attell, Joey Diaz, Pablo Francisco, Al Madrigal, and Bobby Lee. Originally from Pennsylvania, Chris moved to Bakersfield, California four years ago and since has been featured in the Bakersfield Californian, the Renegade Rip, and performs regularly for Comedy800 events. Chris has a YouTube channel named Flaily’s Place featuring a show titled Chris Flail Overthinks It – where he provides a deep comedic dive on interesting stories, events, and historical misconceptions. Chris is the Co-founder of the Streets of Bakersfield Comedy Showcase and is the in-house host for Temblor Brewing Company’s special comedy events. Chris is an actual lawyer and writes his material accordingly, drilling into his life stories and theories as if to sway a jury into agreement.

Daniel Betts

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Daniel gained immediate notice when only a few months into performing, he took first place in the 3rd Annual Oil City Comedy Royal Rumble. On just his one-year anniversary of ever stepping up to a mic, he was featuring at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles for a packed Main Room. Soon after he was performing with big names in the industry including Howie Mandel, and David Koechner and opening for folks like Steve Lemme, Kevin Heffernan and Joey Diaz. In less than two years of performing, he was asked to head to Afghanistan with Armed Forces Entertainment to perform for our forward deployed troops as part of the GIs of Comedy Tour. Daniel runs a very successful open mic every Thursday night at Rocket Shop Café in Bakersfield. You may have seen Daniel most recently on the Streets of Bakersfield Comedy Showcase, or performing with Shawn and Keenan Ivory Wayans at Flappers Comedy Club.